Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Simply A Moment - May

The time is 10.30pm Tuesday 14 May.

I am in bed. I have read a few pages of the life of John Adams, Second President of the USA, until my Kindle told me the battery was low. I turn off the Kindle, snuggle down and turn off the light, then turn it on again so I can remove my glasses and see where I am putting them. I check that my bottle of water is in the right place and turn off the light again.

As I relax I let the events of the day run through my mind and I remember a long standing problem that I have been trying to think my way through. As sleep begins to claim me I finally see the solution.
"I could go and do this now," I think, but the duvet and the pillow are exactly right. "I could write this down in my notebook," I think, but the pillow and the duvet are so perfectly positioned.
"I'll do it tomorrow," I think, and let myself float away in the arms of Morpheus.

Now it's tomorrow and because I had found a solution to the problem I seem to have completely wiped both from my brain. I have been trying desperately to remember whatever the problem was but to no avail.

I suppose it shows that it wasn't really a problem at all, just as well I wasn't really worrying about it.

This little meme was invented by Alexa over at Simply Alexa


Barbara Eads said...

I know exactly what you mean---I'll think of something right as I'm in bed and tell myself that I'll right it down tomorrow. And then, by the next day, I promptly forget!

Maria Ontiveros said...

You perfectly captured an experience that I'm sure many of us have! Great job.

Sian said...

Is that the biography that goes with the U.S. series? Someone lent me the DVD's and I enjoyed it so much I went and bought the book. Excellent stuff

Anonymous said...

You've caught me doing just that. I keep saying I'm going to put a small notepad on my night table but so far I haven't.

Julie Kirk said...

I used to keep a notebook + pen by my bed for when inspiration struck. My other half could never quite believe that I could write it down without putting the light on!

A lovely moment ... and I'm glad sleep erased your problem! :-)

alexa said...

Beautifully recorded ... I am sure there are many of us reading who are saying 'Oh yes!'. How clever of your brain to have got rid of both at the same time - now that's what I call an efficient use of space! Thank-you so much for joining in and linking up again - it's been lovely to read your moment.

Becky said...

Loved reading this as I understand exactly what you were going through! I wonder if you ever did remember what problem you solved?

Alison said...

I thought I was the only one with that problem..glad to read in the next post, that it all came back to you!
Alison xx

Miriam said...

Oh I do this all the time! I find it a great way to get off to sleep. I used to keep a notebook & pencil by the bed to help me with a bad dream issue. My doctor asked me to write down the feeling I had on waking, just one or two words, I never put the light on, like Julie I wrote in the dark. It was funny to try to read my words. Great moment, your warm & cosy feeling is so well captured.