Monday, 27 May 2013

Time for a cuppa - come on in!

Well Hi! how lovely to see you again. hasn't the time flown since you were last here.

As a special treat I thought we could have a nice cuppa - tea or coffee - and what is known in this neck of the woods  as a custard slice. Not to be confused with an iced slice which has confectioners cream in the middle and is made with puff pastry and not shortcrust pastry.

Good grief! it seems that old caterers don't even fade away!!

So how are you this month? keeping well? we are muddling along. I am still trying to persuade Mr M that he needs to go to the doctor and tell him just how painful his knees are getting when he walks. He just gives me that look and says "He'll only tell me to do something about my weight." I have tried to explain that even if he were to lose all the excess weight he would still have hurting knees because the damage has been done but at the moment he is in the martyrdom zone and can't really hear me properly.
My knees are fine. The eczema is 'orrible at the moment, and I am pretty sure that this is weight related too.
I look longingly at the custard slice and decide to save mine for my stick thin ex daughter-in-law. She can eat anything and her enjoyment will far outweigh mine - AND she will still be a size ten after eating it.
Oh! do you have to go? I do love your visits, no matter how brief they are. Please pop in again soon. I'll make some sugar free cookies or perhaps some chocolate and cranberry muffins. and I will have a wider selection of teas for next time too. No alcohol though as I am allergic.
Have a hug to see you safely on your way.

This little interlude was invented by Abi so why not pop over there and take a cuppa with all the other players in this little meme


Barbara Eads said...

That looks delicious! I would love to come by for a cuppa!

Barbara Eads said...

That looks delicious! I would love to come by for a cuppa!

Abi said...

Ooh that looks so good. I have never had a custard slice before. I will be on the look out now! Thank you so much for sharing with me this month. I hope Mr M's knee gets better.

Sian said...

Blimey, it doesn't feel like a month since our last cup! I'm in the mood for what we call a "gravy ring" here: a ring doughnut to everyone else in the world

Hope you can get him to go to the doctors soon

Maria Ontiveros said...

Your spread looks lovely!
And thanks for your thoughts/advice on my cup of coffee post. I really appreciate them.

Alison said...

I know I'm a bit late to be popping in for tea...hope I haven't inconvenienced you too much ;)
Hope the eczema's a bit better and Mr M starts listening to you soon!
Alison xx
PS there's still some Happy Mail here just waiting for an address! Xx