Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A Lovely, Kind Lady

 A parcel arrived today addressed to Miss Boo. She had netball club after school so she didn't get here until 4.45pm. She spent the three minutes walking from school trying to guess who could have sent a parcel.
When she saw the size of the box she was amazed - I know this because she said so. "I'm amazed at how big it is, Grandma" she said.

I used my special parcel opening thing on my scissors and her face lit up when she saw the bubble wrap. Then she saw an envelope addressed to Miss Boo.

The note inside said" Dear Miss Boo you don't know me but I have read about you in your Grandma's blog".
She paused and looked at me and then continued reading the note.

It was signed Eileen. "How do you know Eileen, Grandma?"
"Through blogging," I replied, "I read her blog and she reads mine.
"Well she is a lovely, kind lady and I will make her a thank you card from some of these wonderful things .................OOOOH look Grandma!BLING!!!"
There are card kits and decoupage sheets and ribbons and paper and........and.............and bling and stickers and peel-offs and everything was looked at and touched and carefully stacked on the table until Mummy came home and then it was carefully put back into the box so that Uncle Mark could carry it upstairs to the craft room.
I might have said I really liked a few of the 8x8 papers because when she found the decoupage sheets she said "If you teach me how to do this I shall give you some of those Grandma. Don't you just love it when you see yourself in a ten year old?
So a huge and heartfelt thank-you to Eileen who has given her hours of crafting to think about and the papers and stuff to actually do it. You really are a Lovely Kind lady


Eileen T said...

Oh, that smile tells me that I chose the right person. Happy to hear that your parcel arrived safely ... now just enjoy your goodies, Miss Boo.

Ruth said...

What a fantastic gift for Miss Boo, how very lovely!

Alison said...

I can feel Miss Boo's excitement from here!....a very kind lady indeed xx

Sian said...

How lovely! I bet she'll remember this for the rest of her life

Barbara Eads said...

Miss Boo is getting so grown up! I love how she is learning to barter too!

alexa said...

What a splendidly lovely lady! and a heart warming story ... Miss Boo will never forget this :).