Monday, 9 March 2015

Me on Monday - happy

Alma Cassandra Serenity Rogers age three weeks
 It was a get everything ready on Saturday and then pack up the car and take it all to the hotel on Sunday for the family reunion. It was great!!! There were 50 people there so it was a bit noisy and a but fraught but no one got heated and no one stormed out. There was cake
MMMMmmmmm Costco chocolate filled celebration cake
 The children shrieked a lot and one little one kept going under tables and then banging his head when he tried to stand up. This meant that he then screamed for his mother but that's what kids do and it isn't half so bad when it's not your problem
Great grandfathers always have the knack of calming them down
 My cousin Bernard showed us how the great grand gene means that babies fall asleep as soon as he holds them. Mind you he could do that with grand children too
So many charts to look at and so many people to talk to while Cousin Andy puts a message in a bottle
 I took the scrapbooks with all the old pictures and newspaper cuttings I found in my Dad's box of treasures. They caused much conversation as did the descendant charts. Mostly because everyone was quick to correct my errors.
"I can't get the Skype to work, are you downloading films?"
The Bluefunnels were there. Admiral Lord Bluefunnel was plotting as usual but it gave everyone a chance to chat to him and much family business was sorted out - there were mutterings about "the next one" so we must be doing something right. Yes, the next one will be in a park in summer. Everyone can bring their own chair and a picnic and there will be room for the little ones to run and run and run. Leaving the older generations to sit and talk and do the "I remember....." thing.
There were four generations in that room it was fantastic.


Sian said...

Fabulous name for a gorgeous baby! It does indeed sound like the very best of times. I bet you have fun this week going over it all again in your head.

Alison said...

It sounds as though you loved every minute of it! Xx

Ruth said...

That's quite a name for such a little lady!

Barbara said...

I do love a family reunion, doesn't happen often in my family, I do like the baby's name.

alexa said...

I love your pithy descriptions! What a great occasion - and good to have the corrected information? That is some cake ...

Maria Ontiveros said...

That first photograph is beautiful.