Wednesday, 25 March 2015

What time does it start?

My daughter has always had a knack with words - getting the right words was another matter. She has sailed through life grasping a word that begins with the same letter as the one she needs but means something totally different. She does this because her brain is in a hurry and doesn't have time to examine every syllable minutely, besides, you'll know what she means won't you?
Let me give you an example.
At age ten she came through the door after school yelling "Mum, Mum I'm on the netball team so I need an airfix shirt!"
I did know what she meant and when I had stopped laughing I corrected her "It's Aertex shirt". She made a kind of Pshaw noise and sped on with how she was selected.
When Mr M and I first met we took my children to stay in his parents caravan for a weekend and during that time She announced loudly that "You two are not going to be left alone at all, I am going to play grapefruit all weekend". She meant it too even if the word was gooseberry.

All this is just so that I can say how delighted I am that Miss Boo has inherited that gene.
When does the apocalypse start, Daddy?" she asked last Thursday evening. "Ooh not for a long time I hope" said Daddy, "The apocalypse tomorrow, Daddy, with the moon and the sun"
"Ahhh, the Eclipse! well that's different, that starts at about 8am"
"So what's an apocalypse Daddy?"

He explained but he simply had to tell me about it later when we were watching the apocal eclipse through welding lenses in the back yard. I just had to share it


Sian said...

You've got me thinking..I was in the carpark at Sainsburys for the eclipse: is this somewhere I'd be happy to be, were the apocalypse to arrive?

Barbara Eads said...

I just love it when you post about "Little Boo!" She is so darn cute and everything she says is too!! We were unable to view the eclipse here which in my mind is nearly an apocalypse in itself!!

Ruth said...

Love it when it doesn't turn out right ... like the time TBC spotted a fly in the kitchen and told me to spray it with electricity!

alexa said...

Brilliant use of language - makes life so interesting!