Monday, 15 August 2016

Me on Monday - Sadwich?

Several new things to report on this Monday. You'll have to hope I remember to mention them as we go through.
We like a treat on a Saturday and mostly we go out for breakfast and then find somewhere to aim for in our meanderings. I would tell you where this cafe is situated but we intend taking the Lord Admiral and Lady Bluefunnel there on the next day out. If I say that I couldn't eat all of my breakfast and Mr M left a suasage and a slice of bacon you can see how much they give you. Delicious!
New cafe for Saturday breakfast
 We headed kind of northwest-ish, I think. I forget now. We avoid motorways because you can't play the legs game and we went up a road we have never been up because the person driving in front of us was a............. nincompoop! Mr M said "I am not following him any more! I will just want to shake him warmly by the throat" We finished up in Builth Wells which is more northish than westish and we took the Llandovery road even though we had already said we weren't going there. We went to the Cambrian Woollen Mill. Which is for sale and I wish I had the money to buy it.
Bacon what? Should I tell them or just photograph it and laugh
 It is the height of the tourist season and we had almost driven past because it looks closed when Mr M saw the twinkling of the "open" sign in a window. We stopped for a cuppa because we prefer to use local places rather than chains as we like to keep our money in the area. That's when I saw the blackboard. Now forgive me if I am being old fashioned but does that look good to you? no, nor me. I think it shows that the people who are running it are tired and they just haven't got the energy any more.
New technology
We moved on, discussing what we would do if the place were ours and then we needed another "rest" room. We decided to get something to eat to save having to cook when we finally got home and the choice was services food or MacDonalds using the new electronic ordering boards. No choice really, Mr M loves trying new electronic technology. The fact that he didn't have his glasses so I had to read the instructions and press the right bit of screen wasn't a factor. This was New!! and it was fun and we haven't had MacD since ooooooh Wednesday last week. What can I say? I am nearly 70 I can, to quote my father, eat what I like at my age!

So there we have it, new cafe, new back road now travelled and new technology and all on Saturday. On Sunday we did very little except talk about stuff and sleaze around.

My thanks to Sian at FromHighInTheSky for inventing this meme and keeping me writing


Deanna said...

So many little ol' sadwiches out there these days, usually found when avoiding nincompoops! Love to read about your adventures!

Sian said...

You have such a delightful knack of carrying us along with you, I was just about ready to ask for nuggets..

alexa said...

I always enjoy your adventures! Yes, shame about that blackboard ....