Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Me on Monday - Still excited

Bernard, Veronica and great grandson Oliver
On Monday I was a little distracted - We had Cousins in our house!
Kind of sounds like we were infested but it wasn't like that at all.

Sandy and  Bob are over here for a family wedding before going on a cruise. They came to our house to look at the family tree and to read some of the information I have dug up about those elusive actors in the last 20 odd years

Sandy, me, Miss Boo and Bob doing the Pat Duckham Pose.
 Thats a whole other story
Miss Boo just love "uncle" Bob and watching him talk to her shows us just how lucky his grandchildren are to have him as their grandpa. My Cousin Sandy is still just as sweet and gentle and kind as she was when we were children and my Dad would take us to visit her Dad (brothers) and us kids would be outside playing. My mother would take extra clothes for me because she knew that I would be the one to get wet or muddy while Sandy seemed to stay pristine clean and only needed to wash her hands before we sat down to tea. Sandy's Mum always seemed a little overwhelmed by our family. Probably, now I think about it the reason would be that when my Dad said he was going to see Steve there would be other siblings that would want to go and as the only ones with a car they would come with us, all piled into the back of whatever van my Dad was driving at the time. No need for seat belts as we were packed in like sardines.

Anyhoo, I put the word out and Bernard and Veronica responded. I have always looked up to my cousin Bernard as a kind of older brother figure and when he married Veronica - way back in the mists of time - I just knew she was right for our family. There is absolutely no nonsense with her. If you are being an idiot she will tell you, if she disagrees with you you will know and you can defend your position or shut up, she doesn't mind. She is happy to disagree and will accept it and move on but if you lie to her or are rude or disrespectful then you will cease to exist as far as she is concerned. I love her honesty and her strength.

Miss Boo is now old enough to learn about all these people. She has met them before at family reunions but having just a few in the house gave her the chance to learn them. She was also totally enamoured of Oliver. She took him all over the house and told me afterwards that she just wanted to hug him and cuddle him because he is sooooo gorgeous. UNfortunately he is two and hugs and cuddles are rare gifts from him at this age.

So that was me on MOnday. Laughing, we do a lot of that at family gatherings, talking, sharing the old family stories so that they can be handed down to the next generation

My thanks to Sian at FromHighInTheSky for inventing this meme and keeping me writing.


Sian said...

We have such a small family here that it's always fun for me to read about big happy family gatherings. Your photos tell a great story.

Susanne said...

Sounds wonderful to get together like that and talk about family, and reminds me that I need to call someone - a newfound distant relative and pick up some info he has for me on our ancestors.

Missus Wookie said...

What a lovely gathering of people. Two years are so much fun but tiring. Family history and stories are always good to share.

alexa said...

How warming to read about your happy family time together! Ms Boo is lucky to have all this in her life ...