Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The Legs Game

I know you have heard me talk about"the Legs Game" that we play on car journeys and I couldn't remember if I had ever explained it to you. What you see above is a score sheet from our day out with the Bluefunnels on Saturday.
This game was taught to me at a Games Fair in Reading way back in the 1980s by a man called Don Turnbull. He was the head Honcho for TSR(UK)Games who manufactured Dungeons and Dragons.
Anyhooo he said that he played this travelling game to keep the other occupiers of the car quiet

Each person takes a turn and they have the very next pub that is on the left-side of the road, with the entrance on the road you are travelling. If it is on a corner with the entrance on the side street it doesn't count.
You count the legs in the name. So, and this is the technical bit, The King's head has NO legs. The something ARMS has NO legs. The Badger has four legs.
The more advanced ones can be argued over but the official thing is as follows
For groups such as the cricketers, the coach and horses the fox and hounds it is the minimum number required to make the wording correct.
For example: The cricketers. You need a bowler and a batsman to play cricket. That's all so only four legs. The coach and horses? eight legs because the minimum is two horses - and NO "My Lord Admiral you cannot have two for the coachman and eight for the people that might be inside"
The fox and hounds is one fox and two hounds, no more.
Then we come to things like The Prince of Wales Feathers - no legs for that because it is the feathers it is named for.
Badger's wood? no legs because it is the wood not the badger.

This game certainly generates conversation and ensures that we rarely travel on Motorways - my scoreline is the zero. The lord Admiral won and his lady was second.

I hope you have enjoyed this introduction to the wonderful world of travel. Enjoy your next journey!

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