Thursday, 25 October 2012

Calendars - how hard can they be?

at the 50th anniversary reunion for
Usk College of Agriculture
Lidl had some Just-add-pictures calendar thingies, two in a pack for £2.99. "We'll get some of those and send them to people." said Mr M, picking up the three packs that were there. I nodded, I mean how hard can it be to choose twelve pictures plus one for the front, stick them on the pages and then choose which people we want to send them to..... ah, well!

 This has been the problem. Should I choose places, or use the scavenger hunt pictures? Would pictures of the family be best? Should I go for funny ones? Oh, but will the recipients get my humour? Who am I going to send them to?

The spooky eyes caused by contact lenses
Her eyes are dark brown!
I spent two weeks going through pictures and trying to decide which ones to use. I had it narrowed down to 86 and asked Mr M to look. We finished up with three.
I started again. I didn't have a theme, I didn't have a list of recipients and I was getting heartily sick of the stupid idea.

Then I weighed the calendars and realised that if I post them to relatives overseas it will cost an arm and a leg, and probably a few other bits too. I mentioned this to Mr M expecting him to say we couldn't send them abroad but he just nodded and said "That's OK, it's for Christmas."
Not Greenday!

I had briefly forgotten just how much he loves Christmas. So sending them abroad is not a problem, but we still needed to choose the right pictures.

I went through the 2012 pictures again and noted that, as usual, there are a lot of pictures of us in cafes and diners. There are lots of pictures of food, all sorts of food. A pictorial history of our travels through the medium of food. There are also pictures of who we had with us at these eateries.

Youngest son and wife looking at my
photograph keyring
So that's what it will be. Twelve pictures of places we have eaten in 2012, including the special people we have taken with us.

Now, who to send them to...... I don't have addresses for some relatives, how do I get them without alerting said relative to the surprise in store. Oh this is so hard, whose idea was this anyway?


humel said...

lol! We got a photo calendar for my Dad's Christmas gift last year, and he absolutely loved it and dropped heavy hints that he's like the same again. So you'd think I'd have spent the year taking and gathering suitable photos, wouldn't you? Not so much....!

Sian said...

A great gift! My sister has started a tradition here of applying a photo of Little E to a range of merchandise and wrapping it up for Christmas. We are all looking forward to seeing what he appears on this year

Barbara Eads said...

At least you're doing it! Often, I get these great ideas, buy all the stuff, then never seem to have the time to see it through. Keep at it, you still have time. Christmas is still 8 weeks away. Of course, the time to get the overseas ones in the mail is approaching pretty fast!!