Saturday, 20 October 2012

One little Moment

It's 2.15 Saturday 20th October.

I am sitting on an uncomfortable chair in the front row at a meeting. The Annual General Meeting of the Family History Society. The Chairman is reading the minutes of last year's meeting and I am irritated.
I wriggle and look at my blank notebook, then back at the Chairman, willing him to look up and realise that everyone has a copy of the minutes and if he asked for corrections everyone would read them, but he continues to read them aloud.
The people behind me are quietly correcting his mispronunciation of some words and I realise that they too wish he would just ask for corrections. This reduces the irritation I feel and induces a slight smile. I glance quickly to the side to see if anyone has noticed and once again think how clever I am to have chosen a seat in the front row.
This sets my mind on a little meander through why most people will sit at the back of the hall no matter what and I am interrupted by the chairman asking for corrections to the minutes! Hurrah, now we can get on with the meeting and then listen to the speaker who is supposed to be good!

Have a look here, to find the way to other simple moments my thanks to alexa for this idea


alexa said...

This has raised a smile with me, remembering similar long moments of unnecessary reading out - you've painted such a clear picture! Thank-you so much for joining in and I hope you have enjoyed it too. Oh, and was the speaker good?

humel said...

Gosh, yes - it felt like I was in the meeting with you, feeling just as impatient!!

Barbara Eads said...

I agree, reading the minutes aloud is an incredible waste of time and boring to boot!!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Wriggle is such a great word for capturing your moment. Thanks for sharing,