Monday, 22 October 2012

Proof reading complete!

Beautiful daughter and favourite son-in-law
Today's Happy Dance was brought to me by the completion of the proof reading for the December edition of Gwent Family History Society Journal. Tomorrow I send it to the printer and the copies should be flying out to the members by the first week in December!
I remembered to wish my son-in-law a happy birthday, out loud. This is very different to telling him that his card is on the diary by the phone. I also said happy anniversary out loud. My daughter says she chose his birthday to give him more chance to remember, it seems to have worked.
Eldest son and beautiful wife
Good news from North Wales, Eldest son and family will be attending the family reunion in November. This means my lovely daughter-in-law will get to meet all the cousins, and will perhaps begin to understand just what she has let herself in for.

Youngest son and beautiful wife
 Youngest son is also coming to the reunion with his family, and while my other lovely daughter-in-law has had more experience of this family she hasn't met all the cousins either. Mr M says they can both sit and not know anyone with him. He says that even after 32 years with me he still hasn't met them all and doesn't think anyone can possibly remember all the names. I said he just doesn't try hard enough.

I made a very successful quorn lasagna for dinner with a summer fruits pie for afters.

So, in spite of the weather today has been a good day for everyone. Oh, yes even for Miss EM. It seems that the child who has blighted her school life since reception class was, and I quote, "kicked out of gardening club, Grandma! and guess what for?"
I shook my head, not trusting myself to speak.
"For making mud castles, putting worms in them and then squashing them! She killed worms!"
As you can tell our budding Buddhist doesn't believe in killing anything but she was secretly delighted that for once The Bane had not managed to implicate Miss EM in her naughtiness.
What today didn't bring was the man from the insurance to inspect the sinking drains. We have hopes for tomorrow.


humel said...

The Doctor is still totally confused by my family and can't get their names right. Heck, I lose track myself, so I can hardly blame him.... Sounds like your reunion will be a lot of fun :) And great story about Miss EM!

Barbara Eads said...

I love family reunions. I hope as many as possible come to yours. I've always wanted to count them, so I made up family group sheets so that I could do that. But, one of my cousins took them to make a spread sheet. He never did and now I don't have the group sheets anymore either!!

Sian said...

Kicked out of Gardening Club. Woa..
I'm glad I didn't have to kick anyone out of Eco Club when I was doing that. I'm not big on worm killers myself, though, so I would have had to steel myself lol