Monday, 1 October 2012

The Scottish Trip: part nine.

It is obvious from the entries in the diary that we were all getting a little tired of living in a tent with each other. Much as we loved one another it is still quite a feat to live in such close proximity and not feel a little stressed. The fact that there was nowhere to talk privately wasn't as bad for me as it was for Wilmott and Kelly and yet here we are 33 years later and we are still as close, if not even closer. I have always thought that Wilmott is the closest thing I have to a younger brother and we have been that close since he was born. He has a brother and sisters but he has always been the closest of my cousins. Not even his sister who was my age was as close - isn't that strange?

Day 18. Tuesday 24th July 1979. Cloudy, a few specks of rain with SUNSHINE occasionally.
Went into Edinburgh. Kelly doesn't like the silly streets because they change their names as you go along them.
Walked down Princes Street, then up to the castle. Had a good look at all the museums. Spent ages in there. Walked the long way around, passed the Scot Memorial, stopped to look at the park.
Back to the car, back to the site. Complicated game of tennis after a super tea of mushroom omlette, chips and curry sauce.

Day 19. Wednesday 25th July 1979. Sunny with heavy rain showers.
Kelly and Wilmott went into Edinburgh and got wet. Tattoo stayed in the tent and read. Had fish cakes, peas and potatoes for tea then played a game of non-stop cricket. This gradually involved everyone around us including a whole German Scout Troop who slowly took us over.
Hotlips lost his cool when Radar disobeyed his orders to CATCH THE BALL!
When Kelly tried to explain that Radar was 50 yards from where the ball landed, Hotlips looked scornful and said
"He could have RUN!"
Note from technical-but-not-back-at-work Wilmott: "I sell Gabelstapler"*
Further note from Deutcher Wilmott: "Meines Auto ist ein combi!"
* Gabelstapler = Forklift truck

Day 20. Thursday 26th July 1979. No weather report because we decided to pack up and go home. Sent a telepathic message to Raglan saying "Mum, get the dinner on."
When we arrived home dinner was ready because Dad had said when he got up "They'll be back today missus, get the dinner on."
Pretty good eh?

And that was the end of the Scottish trip. It was at such an important time for my children. There father had left and they all secretly blamed themselves because they weren't "good". Their lives had become a great deal more stable but they still didn't really believe what was happening so having the undivided attention of three adults and being able to let off steam and to laugh and cry as they wanted to began the healing and maturing process. For me it was three weeks away from the pressure of my Dad's rules and for my cousins it was an experience that put them off children for life (I think this is a joke)
My children still talk about things that happened - some of them burned into the memory and not mentioned in the journal. For example while in Scourie Radar went to have a shower and a few minutes later Kelly came rushing back from the loo telling us to "Quick, come and listen!"
We all scurried across the campsite and stood outside the men's showers where we listened to Radar singing
"New Persil automatic washes whiter...." The influence of television eh? I have to say that he knew all the words to the whole advert.
I do hope you have enjoyed reading about our adventures. perhaps I'll put another holiday journal on here at another time.

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