Monday, 2 September 2013

Foot in mouth - another place we can't go back to

On Saturday we had a lovely day out with Mr and Mrs Bluefunnel - a nice cuppa after the tour of the house and then to the OK Diner for lunch. After that we headed towards Wales - we like to go home that way rather than down the main A49 with all the big trucks.

We stopped at the cheese shop, as you do - or at least as we do - and had a little tasting session before purchasing some tasty comestibles. Because the shop is quite small I bought our cheese and then went outside to wait.
Pretty soon Mr and Mrs B came out and Mr B had his "I-won't-laugh-it'll-just-encourage-her" face on. I raised an eyebrow and asked "what?" as they climbed into the car
"Foot in mouth" said Mrs B
"Oh yes, bigtime!" said Mr B
They buckled up and we headed out of the carpark. Mr B composed herself and explained. This is what she told us.
"The lady behind the counter is not small. She was discussing dieting with another customer and said
'I rely on the fairy on my shoulder to tell me when to stop or refuse food'."
Mrs B paused here to wipe her eyes, before continuing
"Before I could think, I could hear the words in my voice and realised that I was saying them out loud, I said 'Oh, yours doesn't work either!'"
"I grabbed our cheese and got out of there before she threw us out" said Mr B
Mrs B compounded her crime by saying "I laughed so much a tear ran down my leg."

Now this I feel qualifies for a gold medal for foot in mouth.


Sian said...

Haha! Sometimes that inner monologue just has to get out

Becky said...

Oh this did make me laugh! Thank you for sharing this gem!

Miriam said...

Oh I have missed visiting here your stories make me laugh so much. I have had a great catch up with you today. "a tear ran down my leg" brilliant!

voodoo vixen said...

Just what I needed, a good laugh, what a gem that was!!