Friday, 13 September 2013

Works Barbecue!

Most years the company that Mr M works for has a barbecue for the workers. Last year they didn't do it and I believe there were Complaints!
This year it was back and I should have told you about it on the day it happened but I had another story to tell then. Anyway we attended the barbecue, or B - B - Q as Miss Em insists on calling it. Me, Mr M, Mummy and Miss Em. Biker Boy was working so Mummy had his drinks tickets and ice cream tickets.
We took our chairs and let Miss Em loose on the inflatable assault course
She was nearly too quick for me to catch her on camera

"Sit still and wave!" "wait till I cover up my knickers! You don't want to see
 my knickers do you , Grandma? Why are you laughing?"

Mr M supervising two colleagues as they work on the Krypton factor.
They had to fit a pile of different sized blocks into a cubed space.
All three work in logistics. Well it made me laugh

Mummy taste testing the burgers and declaring them good she
did the same for the hog roast.

Miss Em could not believe she had ever been before and had to be shown the scrap book pages from previous years the next day after school. Yay for scrapbooking. She then had to look at pages from scrapbooks of Mummy when she was eight but that's for another day.
So a good day was had by all even though the alcohol brought out the wasps in their thousands. I didn't get stung. It was ok because the paramedic/ambulance depot is next door to the venue so I was safe.

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