Monday, 22 February 2016

Birthday Holiday - day 2

Sunday 7th February.
Weather: plenty of it and mostly awful
the floods 
Slept very well in the comfy bed to be woken by a very upset Horace
"We have to go home" he said
"Why?" I asked, reaching for my glasses so I could stop him being blurry
"I've left my insulin on the table" he replied

Oh How We Laughed as we put on our clothes and shoes, collected our money and keys and climbed into the car.

We drove through floods and afterwards Hector said "I should have taken a photograph of that." She thought for a moment and said "If we go this way again I'll take it then."

We went home, he did his insulin and we made sure we took it with us as we turned around and went on holiday again. We arrived back at the Barn just after 2pm having had breakfast at Morrisons and a quick cuppa at the Little Chef in Ilminster where the staff are really good.
We both decided we needed to lie down - that bed is so comfortable - woke up in time to watch Vera.

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Alison said...

Have just had a lovely catch up which involved lots of smiling and laughing to myself!...loving your holiday commentary and many congrats on your new grand baby xx