Saturday, 20 February 2016

Birthday Holiday for Horace? Don't mind if we do.

Over the next few days I will put the Holiday Journal entries together with pictures so you can enjoy our holiday too. A brief reminder here that Mr M's holiday name is Hungry Horace while mine is Tired old Hector
Beer, Devon 6-13 Feb 2016
Time: 11.56am
Mileage: 0n the clock 182
Weather: Rain and wind. Rain in buckets, wind 40mph and gusting.
The spray on the motorway was dreadful so we were forced to stop at the Super Mare for lunch. No really, we simply had to stop.

I had steak and chips - yum, Horace had the Tandoori huge thingy. Then we carried on and the rain carried on too. The nasty man in the car in front of us made us take the wrong way at Ilminster - well not the wrong way just an alternative. The nasty man's driving was so awful Horace had to keep shouting instructions so when he signalled that he was going along "our" road we took the other one.
Arrived in Beer via the Co-op in Seaton where we purchased the comestibles. Followed the instructions and found the key to the barn and settled in.

The Starre Barn is really nice. We put the food away, chose our sitting places - everyone does that right? chooses the chair they will claim as their own for the time they are there.
The rain continued to hammer down as Storm Imogen did her worst. it carried on until about 9pm by which time Hector was testing the bed for comfort, she rated it 9 out of 10 and the duvet was good too.

Note from amazed Hector: I have a new holiday bag so Horace decided to use the old one for his kindle and camera and batteries. He was rummaging in it and found the front door keys I had thought were lost when we stayed in the Travelodge in Ilminster. I am so glad, they were hidden under the thing at the bottom of the bag. I am not a careless person and it really upset me when I thought I had lost them.

Note from the drive down: We passed a "Little Chef"Restaurant on the road to Axminster.
"You don't see many of those these days" said Hector. Horace nodded in agreement. Several Hours later we realised that we had passed the one at Ilminster AND stopped in another one before Axminster - DUH

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Barbara Eads said...

This has been the month for birthdays! Seems like every other blog I've read there has been a birthday celebration. I always enjoy reading about your outings. You have such fun adventures and never seem to let the less than perfect weather get you down. Glad you found those keys too! One mystery solved!