Saturday, 13 February 2016

Things people say: number two

See the water spraying up? FLOOD!

Fearless photographer Horace in Lyme Regis
The pictures are from our birthday week holiday. Mr M celebrated a birthday and we spent the week in Beer in Devon. You are probably aware that the south west was battered by Storm Imogen and there wasa flooding. This particular flooded bit was at the top of the hill that leads eventually down to the village of Beer. But that's not why I am writing

Me taking a picture of Mr M - or Horace, to give him his holiday name - is not the reason I am writing either.

No, the reason I am writing is something we overheard while dining at The Dolphin Hotel in Beer on Friday evening. Let's make no bones about this, I was eavesdropping. Well if people that are half a room away talk loud enough for me to hear what am I supposed to do? Hmm, talk louder than them? I think not. We kept on eating because letting our food go cold was not an option and we listened. This is hard for Horace because as soon as he goes on holiday he goes deaf. We decided many years ago this is because his ears go on holiday too but they go to Porthcawl while he goes all over the country.
Anyhooo, there we were chomping politely and listening while one of the ladies described a bookshop in Seaton
"It's absolutely full of books from ceiling to floor"

Now is it just me or is that odd? We have added it to our collection of over heard things, the best one still being the voice overheard in Abergavenny market "No! you can't have a gas-mask!"

We think that "From ceiling to floor" is going to rank quite highly. There will be detailed posts about the holiday as I get the journal out and sort through some pictures. Now there's a thing. I had six weeks of not going far and not lifting the camera and I realised on this holiday that even though it is around my neck all the time I have broken the habit of automatically pointing the camera and taking a shot whenever something moves. It took three separate trips through the flood before I thought how good a picture would be - DUH!

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Susanne said...

Well, now you have me quite curious. Is the phrase from "ceiling to floor" totally unfamiliar to you or do you hear it more often as I usually hear it from "floor to ceiling"?