Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Birthday Holiday - Day 3

Monday 8th February
Weather: Wet, windy and very loud.
The Tea Timer
Horace decided that he had to walk about a bit today and we needed supplies so we headed for Exmouth via Sidmouth and Budleigh Salterton.

Found the Oak Barn Coffee Shop which also has fabulous oak furniture for sale (when we win the lottery ...) We had a delicious tuna/mayo panini for our lunch and Horace got to play with the tea timer again. It has three different timers on one stand and depending on how strong you like your tea as to which timer you watch. Hector remembered the camera and took a picture.

Did not get a picture of the rough sea at Budliegh Salterton or the sand blowing up the road at Exmouth - one hundred yards up the road - because being ill breaks habits. Carry camera yes, use it? oh yes! that's what you're supposed to do!

Stopped briefly on the sea front and stepped out of the car. Promptly stepped back in again when Horace realised that sand blowing in the wind fills your mouth and hurts your skin. Did a circuit of Exmouth because we could and then stopped in Lidl for shopping. Hector chickened out of taking a picture in Lidl when we were served at the till by Upsey Daisy from "In The Night Garden" Well he had the hair anyway.

Headed back to Beer, stopping in the Donkey Sanctuary to drop off the knitting and cards in the visitor centre and a cuppa to give us sustenance. Arrived back at the cottage just as it started to rain.
Drove through the flood again and forgot to take a picture

Hector got so cold she had to go to bed to get warm.

Note from Holiday Hector: You might wonder why there is no mention of the kitchen in this cottage. Hector does not cook on holiday except to make toast in the mornings. This is only to maintain the tradition of setting off the smoke alarms at least once. Any other cooked meals must be bought otherwise it isn't a holiday.

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