Monday, 22 February 2016

Memorandum Monday - learning all the time

Sometimes the way I feel about this lovely man just hits me in the breath
On Friday there was a lot going on at our 'ouse. We had arranged to go to the garden centre to buy one of those mini greenhouse thingies - this one is extra long while being the standard width and will fit on my tiny back yard. Then the British Gas said that the engineer could come on Friday morning to do essential work to my boiler. Then I remembered that Miss Boo was having a sleep over because her parents were gallivanting off to see Fun Loving Criminals on Thursday evening. It all worked out nicely though. Son-in-law arrived in time to be my running-up-and-down-stairs person. Mr M went to the garden centre and took Miss Boo with him and the gas man was the same one that did the emergency work for us at Christmas. He replaced a leaking T-piece and then replaced the flexible hose with copper and installed the required filter. He reminded me that we need a C02 detector for that bedroom because the boiler is there and he was gone before lunch.
Mr M came home with two of the greenhouse thingies - he does like to encourage me and we prepared for the weekend. I was going to attempt to put up one of the greenhouses but the weather was against it.
Saturday we went to see Mr M's brother. spent a while talking about all sorts of stuff and I learnt a bit more about the enigma that is my brother-in-law.

Some time on Saturday there was a moment when I was suddenly made aware of just how much I care for my husband of 30+ years. I upset him you see, and when I realised was the moment that I learnt that even when you love someone you still have that power to hurt. Shan't do that again, it hurt me too much as well. He loves me enough to forgive me! Isn't that wonderful?

So what have I learnt? Love never dies, even if it becomes as familiar as a favourite chair it is just waiting to poke you in the heart and thank your stars for what you have. I've learnt that sometimes you get an engineer that has pride in his work and takes that extra care.

My thanks to Sian at FromHighInTheSky for inventing this way of keeping me writing.


Barbara Eads said...

So glad you made up!!! Yes we do have ups and downs when you are married such a long time. But it's all worth it! And Love Never Dies reminds me of Andrew Lloyd Weber's sequel to Phantom of the Opera. I loved it and the music!

Sian said...

A bit of a reminder does no harm at all every so often I reckon.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you grow in your greenhouses.

Have a great week!

Susanne said...

Forgiveness is the fruit of love, and essential if marriages are going to last 30 years. I know that well. Good luck with the greenhouses!