Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Birthday Holiday - Day 4

Tuesday 9th Feb
Weather: Dry, wet, dry, wet COLD
Up at 7.30am!
Listening to the sea

salmon and haddock in puff pastry
Sleazed after breakfast and then walked down through the village to listen to the sea.

"oh look it's lunchtime, let's go into the Anchor Inn and partake of some refreshment"
"Don't mind if I do."
Horace had Gammon and three times cooked chips. Hector had Smoked salmon, haddock and prawns in a puff pastry case with long beans, carrots, broccoli and saute new potatoes. Delishhhh

look how steep the road is down to the beach

 Took a picture to try and show the steepness of the little road that goes down onto the pebble beach the strolled back up the village, pausing in the pharmacy to buy a shower cap for Hector.
Back to the cottage for more sleazing.
Later hector walked down to the fish and chip shop

Gammon n three times cooked chips
Hector could not eat all her chips. Horace ate all his while watching TV and playing transport empire on his tablet. No wifi but he had already downloaded it and has become quite ... keen.
Sleazed a bit more then Hector ran out of battery on her tablet so she put it on charge and went for a shower to try out the new shower cap.
She wants a shower just like that one please.

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