Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The chicken Chronicles

Last night it rained, and the girls have never seen rain before. They don't like it. They rushed out of their house this morning and eagerly began scoffing. once their crops were full they looked out through the wire and realised that wet stuff was dropping down and some of it was getting onto them. They retired under the house, except for slurpy who beat it back up the ramp where it is both dry AND warm.
There was a third egg yesterday around lunchtime so only one egg this morning.

When I dredged the depths of my memory and went back to my agricultural college days I found this memory of being taught that chickens have a roughly 25 hour cycle for their laying. As I am pretty impressed with the fact that the trauma of all that travel hasn't seemed to put them off at all. They are eating well and they put themselves to bed when it got dark and if I open the window and listen I can here them crooning.
We had scrambled egg, bacon and Haloumi cheese for our meal last night and used some of our lovely fresh eggs. Today I am going to make a cranberry tea bread and I will be using another egg. No pictures because it is raining and I forgot to take the camera out with me and couldn't face climbing the steps just to get it.

Another two eggs at lunchtime today so they really are doing well - I don't expect it to last though

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