Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Confined to barracks

The girls are confined to the little run because Slurpy showed off on Sunday and flapped her wings so hard she was able to lift herself up onto the roof of the nest box. From there it was a short hop onto the roof of the hen house and a simple step up onto the wall. If it hadn't been for my neighbour pushing her back across then she would have been into their garden and digging up the flower beds.
We have bought more trellis and tomorrow I will fix the chicken wire to it and then get it up onto the roof of the hen house. I can see that my back yard is going to be like fort knox with Slurpy the fly baby and Stephanie the escapologist.
The don't like being kept in the run but they have produced three eggs every day since Sunday so it hasn't put them off.
It was raining so hard today that I was glad I didn't let them out this morning. They would have got wet and cold so quickly because they are still growing their feathers.
I just hope the winter isn't too wet.

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humel said...

Hi there Ann - I've been following your blog since LSNED but haven't commented, sorry! I have been loving the stories of your chickens though :-) BFS has given me the incentive to get round everybody and say hello! See you in class ;-)