Monday, 5 October 2009

They all have names

I forgot to tell you that they all have names now.
Mrs Pecky you already know about.
Noisy is the name that Em chose for one of them and she really was the most noisy of them all. She has a bare chest at the moment so we can tell which one is her on the rare occasions when she is silent.
Slurpy Worm Burp was named by Carla who lives next door. Because she (the hen not Carla) suddenly became a confident pushy hen when we put some worms into the run. She shoved everyone aside, including Mrs pecky to get at them.
Stephanie Mcqueen is the escapologist. She tried to make a break for it when we were still at the place we collected them. She was half way under the door of the carier before we realised and nearly made it out and away. She was first out of the house this morning and spent the time in the garden looking for the way out. She will be first in the queue for wing clipping later this week.

And these are the names they have at the moment. I think perhaps that these will be shortened and changed and it will be more difficult to tell them apart as they get their new feathers and they start to fill out a bit.

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