Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Eggs, lots of eggs

The girls are really settling in now. Mr M went to Wicks and bought a trellis panel that he then fixed some chicken wire to, so now we have a perfect gate at the bottom of the steps and the girls can scratch and peck all day in safety. This is much easier for poor Stephanie as she has places to hide when Mrs Pecky and Noisy start chasing her.
The garden plants are receiving a severe pruning and the weeds are disappearing too. The black and white cat from across the street is fascinated by them and sits peering through the wire on the back gate. The girls immediately peer back at him and this he finds very disconcerting. He has tried getting up onto the wall but they just stare at him for a minute and then continue their scratching totally unconcerned. He knows by the look they give him that coming into the garden would be folly so he sits and watches - and they all watch him too.
They have now been introduced to mash and after a bit of a slow start they love it. I give it to them in the afternoon when they have had all morning to eat "proper" food. They know where I keep it and as soon as I open the cellar door they are standing outside on the step waiting for the bowl to appear. This will be handy if I ever need to get them into the run before they are ready to go because they scurry around me and all rush into the run to eat the mash.
They also like the noise the water makes when I wash their bowl and water container and they rush to peck the splashes.

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