Saturday, 3 October 2009

Today is the Day!

OK, so I have only been awake for two hours. I am not excited at all, no really, I am calm and cool and ready to leave to collect my chickens. It takes an hour and a half to get there and our time for collection is 2.30pm - so, not at all eager to get there.

Mr M was supposed to be doing the driving but last week he developed a cold and on the Friday night he sneezed and felt a muscle "go" in his side. By Saturday morning it was painful, by Sunday he was in agony and on Monday he rang work and said he wasn't going in. This was when I really started to worry.
Then he rang the doctor's surgery and they asked him to be there at 3pm. He couldn't move his right arm without crying by this time so I drove our car for the first time. My legs are too short and my tummy too fat to drive anything with an airbag. Because it is a biggish vehicle (Kia Sedona) The seats are quite high so my little legs needed the seat pushed as far forward as it would go. This meant that if the airbag activated it would take my face off - possibly the whole of my head.
When I needed to release the handbrake I had to lean over so far I disappeared from view. This does not instill confidence in pedestrians or other drivers. The worst thing - and also the funniest - was when I was driving up the steep street next to our house. I found that the angle of the vehicle and my short stature meant that I was looking out through the curve of the steering wheel through the windscreen. I saw the face of a lady who was standing at the top of the street as she glanced towards the car and realised that she couldn't see anyone driving it. It has been so long since I drove anything that my confidence has quite disappeared, understandable really when I think about all that has happened in my life in the last ten years.
Anyway, Mr M is still not able to drive so My daughter, my son-in-law and my granddaughter are all taking me to collect the girls.
In other news, I have a dolls' house. My lovely next door neighbour asked on facebook if there was anyone amongst her friends that wanted one free because she wanted it out of the house. I said I would love it if she was serious and that evening it arrived. I have painted the outside a beautiful duck-egg blue - very soft and pale. and the next job is to fit the three staircases. It is georgian style with pedimented windows and quoining on the corners and I am really looking forward to doing each roomover the next 100 years. It will take that long because the furniture and stuff is so expensive.

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