Saturday, 17 October 2009

New Feathers!

I know I said I wouldn't show any more pictures until the girls were better clad but I just had to take some this morning. I realised that even though we have only had them for two weeks their feather growth is now noticeable!

This is Mrs Pecky and if you look at her scrawny chest you can see the quills of new feathers.

The only thing more pleased than me is probably her!

This is Noisy, her feathers are darker but that's probably because she is getting outer feathers while Mrs P is growing her thermal layer first.

I have been introducing them to the concept of "mash". This is the way we give them all the kitchen food waste. The vegetabel peelings and the scrapings from plates as well as out if date rice and cereals.

Until AJ and family came back home to live we didn't have much waste food. I am proud to say that my portion control was dead good so the plates were usually clean after a meal. Not so now. It breaks my heart to see food left on plates and I don't understand why anyone would put more on their plate than they can eat. I probably eat more than I should but I do make sure that I only put what I know I can eat onto my plate. I can go back for seconds if I want to.

In other news my eczema has been really bad this week so walking has been extremely painful. So painful that when I wake up in the night and need to go to the bathroom I drea putting my weight on my feet. I have still managed to use the Wii Fit that Mr M bought last week. It keeps telling me I am unbalanced but that's because my right foot is worse than my left so I am favouring it at the moment.

I think it is the laughter that does me the most good because AJ and Si are also using it and watching them doing the step dancing or the ski jumping makes me laugh til my sides ache. They get to laugh at me too so it is very fair. I love the fact that I can jog in my front room - and I don't cheat and just wiggle the hand control about - so I have built up to half an hour every day and I will start the yoga exercises too.

Not much scrapbooking done this week just a DLO for a circle journal called Desert Island Discs

I could not think what to do for this until I was choosing papers to use and found this bown. "If only I had a suitcase diecut that colour" I thought and then realised that I had pencils so I should try to draw it. I could have put more stuff in the background but I do hate cluttered pages. The titles of my songs are on the labels stuck to the suitcases with my favourite one on its own on the flowery suitcase. The label thingy in the middle has my photograph on the other side but I didn't want to photograph a photograph - if you see what I mean. Some of the other pages in this CJ are so clever I just know that the person who owns it is going to love it, when it gets back to her.

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