Monday, 5 October 2009

New Adventures

Two more eggs this morning and the girls rushed out of the pop-hole as soon as I drew back the flap.

Mrs Pecky stood and tapped the wire while I filled the food container and then rushed about pecking everyone until I had cleaned and refilled the water container.

Simon and I then fixed the wire mesh to the bottom of the gate so that they can have a wander around the garden. I won't let them out without supervision, at least not yet, because there are a couple of cats that live around us and I don't want my girls spooked by a neighbour's cat. No if they are going to be spooked then we'll let Blue do it.

Slurpy decided to stay inside the house. She came out and stuffed her face with food when Mrs Pecky was out in the garden . Then Mrs Pecky heard he so she rushed back in to the run to guard the food so Slurpy went back inside.

Next thing Stephanie is scratching at the weeds so Mrs P had to rush out to see if there was anything she was missing so Slurpy nipped down the ramp filled her face with food and a quick drink and nipped back up just as Mrs P noticed.

Stephanie is by far the most adventurous, she spent her time looking up at how high things are and whether she can get under, over or though them, while all the time scratching and pecking.

When it was time to put them back into the run it was so easy because they are not afraid so they don't run. They were so easy to gently guide towards their door, no squawking, no flapping they just sauntered in and I closed the door quietly - marvellous.

I love it when they talk to me. I go down in the morning and all is quiet and then I say "morning girls" and they make that funny, contented sound to tell me they have heard.

Love it, love it, love it!

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