Friday, 28 September 2012

The Scottish Trip: part eight

Day 15: Saturday 21st July 1979.  Rained during the night and continued while we ate breakfast (Wilmot had been to the shop)
Tended the wounds while Selwyn washed the dishes. Off to Oban. followed the nasty people from the next tent who sprayed mud on our tent trying to get their car onto the grass. Kelly put a curse on them and later their car broke down. Don't mess with Kelly!
Parked on Platform four then walked around. No, really! we parked on platform four of what was the railway station.
Lots of touristy spots but one shop gave free samples of shortbread and fudge. Heard piped and followed the noise. Managed to get some film of the Pipe Bands marching. Stood on the quay and listened for ages while they played some lovely old tunes.
On the way out of Oban Wilmott explained to the man in the blue van that before driving on a public highway one needed instruction in the use and control of a vehicle (he didn't use those words). We nearly had female mascots on the bonnet, then we gave two old ladies something to think about. On the command NOW! Everyone waved. One old lady waved back!
Back in Glencoe and a visit to the museum. All the clothes and trinkets were beautiful. A pair of white silk stockings that belonged to Queen Alexandra, a tiny piece of Bonnie Prince Charlie's tartan. Swords and guns used at Culloden. Book and books on all sorts of subjects. Photocopies of documents relating to the massacre.
Back to the tent for tea - pie and chips then apple tart for afters. Started a quiz which went on until 1am. got to bed at 2.30am - another early night.
Note from all travellers: Kelly is a patient Nagavator.

Day 16. Sunday 22nd July 1979. Cloudy, dull no drizzle.
Up early (11am). Breakfast and then up to the White Corries. Wilmott and Kelly went up on the ski lift. All recorded on film. Saw one of the tinkers in a layby, that Angus told us about, playing the pipes. He had a chair with small rocks on it so that people could put paper money on it and it wouldn't blow away. Took pictures (now lost) Into the craft shops in the village (Glencoe) then back to the tent. Had curry for tea. Kelly and Wilmott went out for a drink. on their return Doctor Tattoo operated on wounded-but-getting-better Wilmott. More quiz questions and then to bed before 12.

Day 17. Monday 23rd July 1979. Drizzle Cloudy dull.
Up 8.45am. Coffee then packed up and away by 11.45am. First to Oban to the glass works. Then fish and chips, then off towards Edinburgh. Arrived at a site with a vacancy about 7pm put up the tent and had a look around. FREE SHOWERS!!! A laundry.
We lost Hotlips to the TV room - the Waltons were on. Had tea. Chips, beans, sausage or egg. Tattoo had a glass of cider in the bar - ohh decadence! Where Wilmott did the stern parent with Radar and Hotlips. they were fighting in the sleeping bag.
The weather has caught up with us and let us know. On the way here we stopped at a woollen mill where we saw the Davidson Tartan.
Note from surprised tourist party: Kelly can nagavate with maps that don't work!

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