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The Scottish Trip: part seven

Day 11. Tuesday 17th July 1979. Dull, drizzly, brightening up and getting windy (gale force)

A lot of Scotch mist about in the morning and it was drizzly when the bank arrived*.
Went for a little drive round to Tarbet, Foindle etc then to Badcall Bay.Note from nagavator Kelly as we approached a car and a passing space - "He is going to cross the road!" and he did!  Back to the tent when we were visited by Angus and wee Gordie. They had brought us a "wee bit o' Salmon." It looked like half a fish but is was just a 'wee bit'.
By this time the wind was getting up to quite a firece blow.
Salmon, new potatoes, peas and wholemeal bread for tea - lovely!.
More chapters of Robin Hood from Literary Wilmott. Most of the washing is dry so we might move on tomorrow or the next day. Went for a walk and looked at the stones in the cemetery. One for Robert Ross who was a private in the South Wales Borderers, killed in action in 1917. Lots of McKay, Ross and McCloud. Taught Wilmott and Kelly to play Binny. Note from losing Wilmott: "It's a stupid game anyway!"

Day 12. Wednesday 18th July 1979. Drizzle, rain, high wind.

Wilmott's leg is very painful where he got bitten by the GREEN BOT FLY. Watched everybody pack up and go. We stayed in the tent all day playing games. More chapters of Robin Hood read by Literary, in-pain Wilmott. A game of Star Turn (TV style charades) while Mother Tattoo cooked curry for supper. Selwyn and Hotlips did a weird dance based loosely on karate (very loosely) then a quiet pause while we all gathered strength to face the ordeal of going to bed. One bright interlude was when Radar shut himself in the pit (the small section under the trailer where the boys slept) declaring "I'm not coming out until next week! I'll starve myself!" We all wondered if he meant it - no such luck. He did NOT sulk.

Day 13. Thursday 19th July 1979. WET

Rained all day. Spent the morning playing Star Turn. Radar did NOT sulk. Wounded Wilmott lay in bed giving out titles for the game. Went to the shop for milk, bread etc. Wilmott cooked tea and then couldn't eat it, the pain in his leg being so bad. He returned to his bed where, on examination he found that the bite had come to a head and burst. No great detail just that Surgeon Tattoo operated twice during the rest of the day.
Played scrabble during the evening while the tribe were outside playing rounders.
Note from disgruntled Wilmott: "They wouldn't let me have M I R E N so I could score 94.
Our early night was 1.30am
Typical Selwyn question "What's a Harley Davison?"

Day 14. Friday 20th July 1979. Wet, dry, wet, dry, wet, dry, windy

Got up latte and after slight indecisiveness involving Wilmott throwing the tent poles across the site, we packed up the tent still wet. Washed the groundsheet with a mop and bucket and after Wilmott had apologised to Angus for the soggy mess, set off. Note from Fed-up Kelly: "Much more and he will be living in Scourie ON HIS OWN!"
Stopped at the shop, "Two minutes to get what you want from Volcanic Wilmott.
Ten minutes down the road after travelling in complete silence a voice from the back said quietly
"Aunty A is it safe to talk to Uncle C yet?"
The rest of the journey passed as normal. Lairg, Dingwall, Drumnadrochit, Loch Ness, (no sign of Nessie even though Hotlips had his Nessie hunting hat on). Spean Bridge, Fort Augustus, Fort William and finally Glen Coe. Arrived 9.30pm, chose a pitch and started putting up the tent at 9.50pm. All up and everything done by 10.50pm.
Note from all the passengers on the 2.45pm to Glen Coe. Kelly is a good Nagavator.
No milk no butter so cheese on raw toast and water to drink because the gas ran out too. Tattoo operated on wounded Wilmott and we all went to bed.

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