Saturday, 8 September 2012

What a wonderful Day!

Some days are just so good you find yourself being glad you got out of bed early enough to really enjoy it. Today I had an appointment with the optician. My daughter had promised to take me there and she arrived early enough for us to be able to park the car and walk to Boots without having to rush.
As we walked out of the carpark and into the shopping centre we saw them. DRAGONS! lined up for everyone to see. They have been dotted about the city all summer so that people could follow the Dragon Trail and learn a little more about our city. The vandals took advantage of this too and wreaked their stupidity on a few of the Dragons causing them to visit the dragon hospital. Oh yes! one vandal even carved his initials into one of the dragons - so that narrows down the list of suspects, and as he is probably still boasting about doing it I think we shall see him in court ere long.
As soon as my torture eye examintation was done we came back and spent ages looking at all of the beautiful work done by the artists. Some names we "got" immediately others totally baffled us but that's a good thing. We liked the way the children touched the dragons - and in one case sniffed the dragon. No she hadn't gone mad it was just that one of the artists just happened to be in the lift with us in the car park and told us that when we found the Chocolate Dragon we should sniff the bell around his neck because it smells of chocolate, and it does! We wanted to stand by him and tell people to sniff! but felt that we would possibly be locked up.

After all the sniffing and petting we went home and then Mr M and I went to a birthday party for a three year old. Can you believe that my great granddaughter is three on Monday? NO, I had a problem accepting that too. She was far too engrossed in playing with her new dolly to look up at me when I was getting the camera out so I just took a few snaps while her Aunty Hannah read her the birthday cards.
We didn't intend staying too long because I don't cope too well with crowds and there were certainly a lot of people there when we arrived. We hugged and said hello to all the important people, watched while the birthday girl opened her presents and then something happened that made the sun shine even brighter.
I like my granddaughter's partner, he is a really lovely boy and he cares deeply for all his family. He worries about his Mum and his sister, both of whom have not been well. He adores his beautiful daughter, and he thinks about other people and takes note of important stuff. I knew all this already but today he went that one step further. Because Mr M is Diabetic he had made a sugar free cake especially for him. Now isn't that thoughtful?
I told my granddaughter that "he is definitely a keeper" and she agreed. I keep thinking about him taking the trouble to do this and it makes me smile every time.
Today has just been so worth getting up for.


humel said...

Wow. Your day has made me smile, too :) The dragons look fabulous, and I'm so touched to hear about the sugar-free cake! Happy birthday to your ggd x

Barbara Eads said...

That does sound like a good day all around. It's especially nice when young people do something so thoughtful---out of the blue. He does sound like a keeper!

Sian said...

I thought I spotted barney the Dinosaur in that first picture and I started to wonder where you were going with the whole brilliant day thing..

..then I realised they were dragons! It certainly sounds like a diamond day